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MOTABILITY - An easy charging solution for electric vehicle customers

Are you considering an electric vehicle? Did you know that if you’re a Motability Scheme customer then bp pulse will install a charge point at your home, or provide access to a network of charge points for easy on-street charging? Read more about this new initiative below. 

A charging solution for electric vehicle customers

We know that many of our customers are interested in electric vehicles but are concerned with charging them. So, as part of our worry-free motoring package, we’re offering customers who place an application for full battery electric vehicles an at home charge point at no additional cost, in partnership with bp pulse.

If you are unable to fit a home charging point at your property, for example if you don’t have access to off-street parking, then instead you’ll be given access to a network of charging points for easy on-street charging. 


There are no costs for bp pulse to supply and install a home charge point, but if there is work required to gain access to your electricity supply then you’ll have to cover these costs. Also, customers are responsible for paying for the electricity used to charge their car.

If you would prefer to use an alternative supplier you can do so, but this will be at your own cost. We insist that customers have some sort of provision in place before we deliver an electric vehicle, this is to ensure your continued mobility throughout your lease. If you are considering an electric vehicle you will need to have access to a charge point to recharge the battery and pay for the electricity that is used.  

What will I need to do?

During your application for a full battery electric vehicle your dealer will ask if you would like to take advantage of our of charging solution. All you need to do is say yes, your dealer will then pass your contact details onto bp pulse.

You’ll then be contacted by bp pulse directly who will arrange the provision of a charging solution.

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